Tekken 7 Reveals Two More New Fighters For Season 3, Plus Leroy Out This Week

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Tekken 7 recently kicked off its third season with Zafina, and now the third and fourth fighters being added have been revealed. One’s returning to the series after some time away, but the other is brand new.

Returning to the world of Tekken is Ganryu, last seen in Tekken 6. He remains a bit of a goofy character, and his open-palm hits look pretty painful. He’s Tekken’s equivalent of E. Honda in the Street Fighter series, and it looks like he’s a streamer now. Here’s his character trailer.

The next all-new fighter for Tekken 7 is Fahkumram, a Muay Thai champion. His intimidating size and strange look is shown off in the trailer below, along with his punishing attacks. We wonder what the story is with those scars and throbbing veins. He’s the fourth and final character to be added this season.

Meanwhile, Leroy Smith–the second character added in season 3–got a release date. He’s coming December 10, and you can check out his moves (and his kickass theme song) in the video below.

Ganryu is due before the close of winter (meaning February 2020), and Fahkumram will arrive at a later date. The season pass will also give you access to frame data display and add an additional stage, both at a later date.

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