Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks continue to spill


Over the past few weeks, Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks have been cropping up all over the internet, showcasing everything from new Gen 8 Pokemon designs to Gigantamax forms and Galarian evolutions.

Just yesterday, we reported on a rumor about new Sword and Shield leaks, which were apparently obtained by an anonymous fan who got hold of the official game guide early. As we mentioned previously, these details should be taken with a pinch of salt, as despite the fact they at least appear to be genuine, there is no hard evidence to support their legitimacy at present.

As is usually the case when a Pokemon release date begins to rapidly approach, however, more leaks have followed suit in quick succession. A recent thread posted on ResetEra has built on yesterday’s rumors, adding a range of new images not featured in the original leak. There are foxy bois, snaky bois, elephant-y bois, and a very grumpy octopus.

On top of this, it features the apparent depictions of each starter Pokemon’s final evolution, which were already floating around yesterday, as well as a vast variety of Gigantamax sprites and brand new Galarian forms. The thread also includes leaks that spilled separately to the game guide revelations, such as a Twitter post featuring a possible evolution of Wooloo, apparently named Dubwool. Naturally, this particular design has quickly become a fan-favorite, so players will likely be quite disappointed if it falls flat. People really love the sheep.

Even more leaks have surfaced on Reddit, although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to judge whether or not these independent cases are legitimate. For example, a recent post features a new Bug evolution line, apparently composed of Pokemon called Blipbug, Dottler, and Orbeetle. The sprites look good enough to be real, and the apparent Bug/Psychic typing would introduce a hybrid that is yet to be seen in the Pokemon series, possibly even allowing for experimentation in the competitive circuit’s meta. Alas, a leaky tap sometimes spills smelly water.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, so you won’t have to wait long before these leaks are verified (or not). Maybe these dataminers and leakers are less benevolent than we hoped, and have been stirring shit just to rile us up for a bit of a laugh. Or maybe Grookey’s final evolution really is the best of the three. Until we know for sure, pass the time by checking out our Sword and Shield interview with Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori.

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