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It’s a name I’d come up with in a list of extremely generic titles for a joke. What were they thinking?

Fantasy Wars is both about as generic as it sounds, and… that’s okay?

It’s almost exactly just turn-based Warcraft 2 or 3 (it’s more like 3, but I hated 3. Oh, dilemma), taking you on a hex-based campaign of humans fighting orcs and elves, each with unique units and a storied excuse to fight every combination of factions. Individual units accrue experience and gain perks, with some branching, so (say) archers can hit harder or move faster, but not both. Pay some cash and survivors will upgrade into much tougher swordblokes or even more condescending elves, so you have incentives to be efficient and keep your lads alive, which sometimes comes up hard against the missions that end on a set turn number.

Honestly, it’s so entirely what you expect that it’s difficult to even write about. But while that often means a mediocrity you can ignore, Fantasy Wars is a good time. I played it for a lot longer than I play most other turn based fantasy things, and I enjoyed it. It’s a bit difficult but not really, it takes some tactical thinking but not devotion to learning sheets of numbers.

Fantasy Wars: It’s fine.

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