Super Box Land Demake unboxes on Xbox One, PS4, Vita and Switch

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super box land demake xbox one

In terms of gaming, the most simple of puzzlers have always revolved around the pushing of boxes, as the gamer would attempt to open up a path to safety. And whilst things have most certainly moved on in recent times to allow for all manner of other clever ideas, the basic ‘obstacle’ puzzler has always been at the heart of matters. Today though we see a game launch on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch that takes things back to basics, with Super Box Land Demake seeing you with the need to push boxes with a friend.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch edition landing on the 11th October, Super Box Land Demake is the latest super cheap, super cute, super simple title to arrive from the team at Ratalaika Games, tasking players to use their brains just a little.

Running with an easy to handle £4.99 price tag – and even that is initially discounted down to £4.49 – Super Box Land Demake allows you the chance to pick from one of two characters before getting on with the puzzle in hand – that of moving boxing in order to find safe passage. With multiple levels of difficulty enabling the chance for you to test your brain like never before, and the opportunity to go at things with a friend in tow, should you be after a most simple of puzzling experience then the purchase of Super Box Land Demake could well be for you.

Our full review will be with you in the days ahead but for now make sure you head on over to the Xbox Store should you be playing on Xbox One, the PlayStation Store for those on PS4 and Vita, and, fro the 11th October, the Nintendo eShop if you would prefer to play this out on Switch.

Game Description:

Pick from two characters to help solve moving box puzzles in order to advance to the next stage! Push boxes across a variety of different puzzling levels by yourself or with a friend in coop mode! Control two different characters at once even in single player! Choose from 3 difficulty options that make recovering from your mistakes harder!

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